Mei and Anju are sitting next to each other on different horses on a carousel. Mei's horse is 3 meters from the center of thecarousel. Anju's horse is 2 meters from the center. After one rotation of the carousel, how many more meters has Mei traveledthan Anju?more meters

Accepted Solution

Answer:6.28m more than Anju.Step-by-step explanation:The length of a circumference is defined as: [tex]L=2 \pi r[/tex].In this case we use this definition, because both persons used a whole rotation, which marks two different circumferences. So, we just have to find the length of each one and compare.Mei.[tex]L_{Mei} = 2 \pi r\\L_{Mei} =2 \pi (3m)=6 \pi \ m[/tex]Anju.[tex]L_{Anju} = 2 \pi r\\L_{Anju} =2 \pi (2m)=4 \pi \ m[/tex]The difference would be [tex](6 \pi - 4 \pi)m=2 \pi \ m[/tex]Using the approximate value of [tex]\pi \approx 3.14[/tex]We have, [tex]2(3.14)m=6.28m[/tex]Therefore, Mei traveled 6.28m more than Anju.