Nora and Eli are making homemade spring rolls for a party. Nora can make 8 spring rolls in 10 minutes. Eli can make 10 spring rolls in 12 minutes. If they each make 40 spring rolls, who will finish first? ******************************************************Can someone answer this for me please, it's 12 am and I have more work to do, help is very much appreciated**********************************************************

Accepted Solution

Eli will finish first.

Use 8/10 and 10/12. This represents how many spring rolls over how many minutes. Make your equations like this: 8/10 = 40/x and 10/12 = 40/x. Find x, which will give you the minutes it takes them to make 40 rolls.

You get x = 50 for the first one and x = 48 for the second. Nora makes 40 rolls  in 50 minutes, and Eli makes 40 rolls in 48 minutes. Eli is faster. 

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