on the football team, two out of every seven players are seniors. if the team has 84 players, how many are not seniors.

Accepted Solution

There are 60 players on football team that are not seniors.Step-by-step explanation:Method 1:GivenTotal students = 84Also given that2 out of 7 are seniorsWhich is 2/7So in order to find the total number of seniors we will multiply the whole number of students to 2/7[tex]Senior\ students = \frac{2}{7} * 84\\= 24[/tex]So there are 24 seniors on the football team.Players that are not seniors = 84 - 24 = 60There are 60 players who are not seniors.Method 2:We can divide the total number by 7, to get how many sets of 7 players will be there= 84/7 = 12Now,Multiplying 12 with 2 will give us the number of seniors in football team.12*2 = 24 seniorsSo,Not seniors =84-24 = 60Keywords: Percentage, UnitsLearn more about percentage at:brainly.com/question/4710621brainly.com/question/4767370#LearnwithBrainly