:(( Pls help!! Chantel would like to buy a new pair of running shoes. The shoes she likes start at $85. She has already saved $62, write an inequality to show how much more money Chantal must save.

Accepted Solution

Hi there! I can help you! An inequality does not involve just an equal sign. It helps us get a clearer picture of the ranges of the amount that work in different situations. In this case, out inequality would be this:

62 + x ≥ 85

We are looking for how much more money needs to be saved. it could be right at that amount or equal to, so we use the greater than or equal to symbol. 62 is what we already have, so we put that amount in the expression as well. We are doing this to find the amount away from 85. 

How to solve it:

Okay. So first things first, we will subtract 62 from both sides. 62 - 62 cancels out. 85 - 62 is 23. That's it! x ≥ 23. At least, Chantel will need to save $23 more in order to buy the pair of shoes she wants.