Question OneFarmer Jones has 140 feet of fencing to construct a rectangular corral.If x represents the width of the corral, which function can be used to express the area A of thecorral as a function of x?AA(x) = 70.0BA(z) = 2(70 - 2)CA(x) = a(140 – 2)DA(z) = x(140 – 22)

Accepted Solution

Answer:[tex]A(x)=x(70-x)[/tex] Step-by-step explanation:Letx ----> the width of the rectangular corraly ----> the length of the rectangular corralwe know thatThe perimeter of the rectangular corral is equal to[tex]P=2(x+y)[/tex][tex]P=140\ ft[/tex]so[tex]140=2(x+y)[/tex]simplify[tex]70=(x+y)[/tex][tex]y=70-x[/tex] ----> equation ARemember thatThe area of a rectangle is equal to[tex]A=xy[/tex] ----> equation Bsubstitute equation A in equation B[tex]A=x(70-x)[/tex] Convert to function notation[tex]A(x)=x(70-x)[/tex]