The concession stand at a ballpark makes $0.43 profit from each hot dog sold. It also makes a profit of $0.65 from each pretzel sold and $1.31 from each drink sold. Which expression represents the total profit, in dollars, that the stand will make on a day when they sell h hot dogs, p pretzels, and d drinks?

Accepted Solution

Answer: 0.43h + 0.65p + 1.31dStep-by-step explanation:Profit made from each hotdog sold = $0.43Profit made from each pretzel sold = $0.65Profit made from each drink sold = $1.31Number of hotdogs sold = hNumber of pretzels sold = pNumber of drinks sold = dTotal profit made will then be the profit for each multiplied by the number of things sold. This will be:= ($0.43 Γ— h)+($0.65 Γ— p)+($1.31 Γ— d)= 0.43h + 0.65p + 1.31d