The ocean rises and falls each day due to tides. The Bay of Fundy in Canada has some of the highest tides in the world.Its tidewater rises about 53.478 feet and falls the same amount afterwards,Twice a day.Write an expression that can be used to find the total fewt the tide rises and falls each day.

Accepted Solution

Answer:[tex]y(x)=53.478\sin\left(4\pi\ x\right)[/tex]where x is the number of days and y is the total fall and rise in the tides.Step-by-step explanation:We are given the following in the question:In one day, the tide rises twice and falls twice. Rise in tides given by R,R = 53.478 feetFall in tides given by F, F = 53.478 feetTotal rise in tide in 1 day =[tex]2\times R = 2\times 53.478 = 106.956\text{ feet}[/tex]Total fall in tide in 1 day =[tex]2\times F = 2\times 53.478 = 106.956\text{ feet}[/tex]The fall and rise in the tides can expressed with the function:[tex]y(x)=53.478\sin\left(4\pi\ x\right)[/tex]where y is the total fall and rise in tides and x is the number of days.The attached image shows the graph for the cycle of tides.Putting x = 1 for 1 day, we have,[tex]y(1)=53.478\sin\left(4\pi\ (1)\right) = 0[/tex]Thus, total fall and rise in 1 day is 0 feet.