a ruby throated hummingbird is about 4 in long and is it noted for its annual non-stop migration of 500 miles across the Gulf of Mexico and for the rabbit flopping of its wings some hummingbirds flap their wings 55 times per second if the ruby-throated hummingbird is only 4 inches long and migrates 500 miles how many of the hummingbird the body length are equal to the distance of its migration​

Accepted Solution

Answer:7,920,000Step-by-step explanation:The question is asking the number of times that 4 inches fits in 500 miles. We need to divide 500 miles by 4 inches, but first we need to convert 500 miles into inches.12 inches = 1 foot5280 ft = 1 mile500 miles * (5280 ft)/(1 mile) * (12 in.)/(1 ft) = 31,680,000 inchesNow that we know that 500 miles is the same as 31,680,000 inches, we divide that number of inches by 4 inches.(31,680,000 inches)/(4 inches) = 7,920,000 Answer: 7,920,000