What is the equation of the line in standard form?A function graph of a line with two points (-1-4) and (2,2) with an x axis of negative five to five and a y axis of negative five to fivex + 2y = 42x + y = 22x−y=2x−2y=4

Accepted Solution

First, figure out the slope of the line by solving for the slope between the two given coordinates.

Slope = y2 - y1 / x2 - x1

Substitute the coordinates.

Slope = 2 - (-4) / 2 - (-1)

Slope = 2 + 4 / 2 + 1

Slope = 6 / 3

Slope = 2

So, the slope of the equation here is 2.

Next, look for the y-intercept. You can find the y-intercept by looking on the graph. At what coordinate does the line intersect or cross the y-axis? By looking at the graph, you can see that the line intersects the y-axis at the coordinate point (0, -2). So, your y-interceot is -2.

Now, choose the equation that has a slope of 2 and a y-intercept of -2.

Remember that the standard form of any given linear equation should be in slope-intercept form.

y = mx + b

Substitute the slope and y-intercept

y = 2x - 2

By doing this, you can eliminate choices 1 and 4 because the equation should have 2x to represent the slope of 2.

The best choice is 2x - y = 2.

You have a slope of 2x and if the equation is put in standard form you would have a y-intercept of -2.

Solution: 2x - y = 2