Teresa has to buy school supplies for her 2 children, and wants to estimate the total cost of the school supplies. She knows that: Each child needs a backpack, a binder, 6 spirals, and 4 pens. The most expensive backpack is $57.00 dollars. The least expensive backpack is $29.00 dollars. The binders cost $4.00 each. The spirals cost $1.95 for three. The pens cost $0.48 each. There is 10% sales tax on her total purchase. Estimate how much money the school supplies will cost. A. $212.00 B. $232.00 C. $58.00 D. $116.00

Accepted Solution

Answer: Β  D. Β $116.00Step-by-step explanation:Rounding to the nearest 1/2 dollar, the costs for one child are ...backpack: 29–57binder: 46 spirals: 2@2 = 44 pens: 4@(1/2) = 2Total for one child = 39–67, so for 2 children will be 78–134. An answer choice in that range is $116.00.