The function y = –3(x – 2)2 + 6 shows the daily profit (in hundreds of dollars) of a hot dog stand, where x is the price of a hot dog (in dollars). Find and interpret the zeros of this tion A. Zeros at x = 2 and x = 6 B. Zeros at C. The zeros are the hot dog prices that give $0.00 profit (no profit). D. The zeros are the hot dog prices at which they sell 0 hot dogs.

Accepted Solution

the zeroes

the serose of the x value is where y=0,
that is where profit=0

the zeroes of the y value is where x=0
that's when the price is 0 dollars

x zeroes
solve for when y=0
x zeroes at [tex]x=2+\sqrt{2}[/tex] and [tex]x=2-\sqrt{2}[/tex]

y zeroes

the y zeroes are where they sell 0 hot dogs for 0 dollars, it is $-6 profit
the x zereoes are where you make 0 profit, that occurs when you sell [tex]2+\sqrt{2}[/tex] and [tex]2-\sqrt{2}[/tex] hot dogs
not sure which answer you want because it doesn't specify which zeroes we want

A is wrong tho